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比利时Gymna Fitvibe Excel Pro(主动运动健身器)

比利时Gymna Fitvibe Excel Pro(主动运动健身器)

产品编号:Fitvibe Excel Pro

Medical treatment protocols

Full colour dynamic 3D animations

Customised patient programmes


FitVibe Excel


The FitVibe® Excel pro combines ease of use with integrated medical indications.

The software in the FitVibe® Excel pro assists the therapist in choosing the appropriate protocols and settings.

Safety, comfort and ergonomics are important pillars in the design and construction.


The Fitvibe Excel Pro is a top quality vibration platform that combines ease-of-use with intelligence. The complete support programme contains integrated medical indications, a wide range of exercises and a 3D animated coach showing you how to do the exercises . On top of that, the Fitvibe Excel Pro has adjusted frequencies and amplitude to ensure maximum effect and comfort.



Reasons to choose Fitvibe Excel Pro:


■ Complete support programme

■ Designed to guarantee a longer lifetime

■ Silent

■ Vibration free console and floor

■ Several features to maximise possible exercises

■ Easy access to start/stop buttons

■ Ergonomically designed handles

■ Strongest plate on the market (holds up to 250kg)

■ Frequency range 20-60Hz