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比利时Gymna冷空气治疗系统(Shockmaster ICE-CT)

比利时Gymna冷空气治疗系统(Shockmaster ICE-CT)






    比利时冷空气治疗系统(Shockmaster ICE-CT)具有控制温度、自动调整气流、免提治疗、综合目标和指示列表、诊断、指导治疗系统等一系列功能;采用生物反馈系统使治疗仪更安全,治疗师可以同时对其他病人实施冲击波治疗;

    比利时Shockmaster ICE-CT冷空气治疗仪(冷冻治疗仪),通过提取周围环境的空气将其冷却而产生可控流量的冷气,压缩机出口最低温度达-32℃,然后冷气通过管道喷射到治疗部位。ICE-CT冷疗机为移动式,冷空气气流可调节。治疗过程中,无需与皮肤直接接触,适合于开放性伤口及冷敏感患者。特别研制的红外温控装置,可以随时侦测治疗区皮肤表面的温度,自动控制喷出冷空气的流量,以保证治疗的安全性和有效性。冷空气气流最大可达到1000升/分钟。冷空气喷射头可360度旋转,方便使用。

    1. 减轻或消除疼痛
    2. 减少或抑制炎症
    3. 提高受影响关节的功能
    4. 降低受伤部位血流
    5. 对神经系统的影响及血管舒缩效应

    ■ 1分钟内皮肤温度降至12°
    ■ 疗程短
    ■ 压缩效果

    ■ 创新的生理回馈系统(红外线科技)
    ■ 能够在治疗部位保持稳定的温度
    ■ 有效的热震
    ■ 内建适应症清单
    ■ 简单的操作板面,大型LCD显示屏幕并含有背光灯
    ■ 免持式手握柄,治疗师可在同时间进行别的疗程
    ■ 与其他ShockMaster产品整合设计,可搭配使用




    Shockmaster ICE-CT

    The Shockmaster ICE-CT cools down surrounding air and is the first Cryotherapy device to use an infrared (bio-feedback) system which ensures a constant temperature on the treatment zone.

    Efficient and Effective

    Cryotherapy with cooled air is an efficient and effective mehod for indications with the following targets: 

    Local anasthesia (analgesia): Effective pain relief to improve active rehabilitation by reaching the necessary controlled temperature op 15°C.
    Motor effects: Spray and stretch method to improve mobility, easily performed with the flexible treatment head.
    Anti-inflammation: A positive effect on the swelling and edema via the combination of cold and compression with powerful cold airflow.
    Guided Therapy System (GTS)

    After indicating your treatment objective, the system automatically selects the therapy form and the best parameters. The GTS will find a connection between your therapeutic goals and scientific evidence. The GTS will mirror, step by step, your pattern of therapeutic thought and relieves you of the task of having to preset the technical parameters manually. This means allows you to give your patients your full attention, while treating them in accordance with the latest insights.


    Main features of the Shockmaster ICE-CT:

    ■ Innovative biofeedback system (Infrared technology)
    ■ Constant temperature on the treatment zone
    ■ Efficient thermal shock
    ■ Integrated indication list
    ■ No gas refills needed
    ■ Simple control panel with large LCD screen
    ■ Handsfree, simultaneous treatment possible, for example cryo kinetics.


    ■ Controlled temperature    Yes
    ■ G.T.S.   Yes (IR control system)
    ■ Airflow temperature 32 °C
    ■ Arm support Standard
    ■ Nozzle support Yes
    ■ Airflow (in litres per minute)  Up to 1000 l in 10 steps
    ■ Cooling  Closed circuit, coolant R404A
    ■ Dimensions (l x d x h) 550 x 365 x 1055 mm
    ■ Conformity CE197, Tuv Rheinland + Mdd93/42/CEE, Classe IIa